Chhole Puri


Ingredients for Chhole (for 3-4 servings):

·       Whole garam Masalas (2 inches cinnamon stick, 5-6 clove , 2-3 cardamom , 5-6 black pepper )

·       Garlic (5-8)

·       Ginger Paste (1 tsp)

·       Cumin seeds (1 tbsp)

·       Kashmiri Chillies (2-3)

·       Green Chillies (2-3)

·       Onions (3)

·       Tomatoes (1-2)

·       Potatoes (2-3)

·       Kabuli Chana (250 g) (Soaked overnight)

·       Spices- Kashmiri Chilly Powder (1 tsp) , Tumeric Powder (1/2 tsp) , Dhanajeera Powder (2 tsp), Sambhar Powder (1 tsp) , Garam Masala Powder (1 tsp).

·       Salt to taste

·       Sugar (1 tsp)

·       Oil (5-6 tbsp)

·       Coriander (1/2 cup)

Ingredients for Puri (for approx 10 Puris):

·       Wheat Flour (3 cups)

·       Oil (3 Tbsp to mix with dough, 2-3 cups for frying)

·       Water (Enough to make a firm dough)

·       Salt to Taste

·       Baking Soda (1 pinch)

·       Baking Powder (1 Tsp)


Method for Chhole -

·       Heat oil in a cooker and add whole garam masalas , green chillies, Kashmiri chillies, finely chopped garlic and cumin seeds to it.

·       Add onions to the mixture.

·       Add salt to taste and sugar.

·       After the onions are soft and caramalized, add ginger paste to it.

·       After the onions are golden-brown, add tomatoes to it.

·       After the tomatoes are softened, add all the spices as mentioned in the ingredients and let it cook till the oil separates from the spices.

·       Add potatoes and soaked Kabuli Chana to the mixture and let it cook in open for 5 mins.

·       Add water (approx 2 glasses) to it and let the whole thing cook in the cooker for 4 whistles and 25 mins after the whistle.

·       Open the cooker after the pressure is released, heat the chhole in open, add coriander , let it cook in open for 2 mins and it’s done!


(Can be had with Puri, Bhhatura, Chapati or bread)

Method for Puri :

·       Take a utensil and add wheat flour to it.

·       Add 3 Tbsp of oil to it and mix the two.

·       Add water to it little by little and form a ball out of the whole mixture. (Make sure the mixture is a little firmer than that of chapati)

·       Leave the dough covered for 20-30 mins.

·       Roll the dough (Make sure the circles of puri are made half the size of chapati.)

·       Heat the oil for 2-3 mins, deep fry them in a Kadhai on high flame till it turns golden-brown.