Easy Baked Cauliflower in White Sauce

Ingredients (For 4 servings):


·       Maida – 1 cup

·       Butter – 3-4 Tbsp

·       Milk- ½ litre

·       Capsicum - 2-3

·       Mixed Herbs- 1 Tbsp

·       Black Pepper – 1 Tsp

·       Garlic- 1 Bulb

·       Grated Cheese- Approx ½ cup

·       Sugar- 1 Tsp

·       Salt to Taste

·       Cauliflower – 1 kg

·       Baby Corn- 10-12



 For the white sauce, add butter in a pan, add finely chopped garlic to it till it turns golden brown.

Add  maida in it and roast it for a minute in a vessel and add milk to it.

 Stir it till the mixture thickens to a pourable consistency and add grated cheese, mixed herbs ,  black pepper, salt and sugar to it.

Separate the florets of the cauliflower and cut the baby corn and capsicum into tiny pieces.

Stir fry them in a pan till they turn sufficiently soft.

Mix the white sauce and vegetables in a microwave bowl and add a layer of grated cheese on top.

Put it in an oven and grill it till the top turns golden-brown.



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